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French Vanilla Coffee

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French Vanilla coffee stands out with rich cacao and vanilla flavors that make sipping from a cup a memorable experience. The synergy of hearty arabica and robusta beans and the soothing warmth of vanilla gives it a flavoursome smoothness.

A dessert coffee beverage that combines the clean taste of instant coffee with the fragrant vanilla flavoring. Whether you are surfing for a pick-me-up boost or getting ready to confront an eventful day, you would not have to sacrifice the quality of your coffee! 

Buy online vanilla coffee instant fernweh agro
Buy online vanilla coffee instant fernweh agro
Buy online vanilla coffee instant fernweh agro
Taste Character

The functional coffee blend possesses a smooth and buttery profile with just the right amount of caffeine and vanilla flavour. As well as being able to directly enjoy the cup of coffee, you can also mix it up by adding a dash of sugar or milk to enjoy a classic coffee-vanilla latte.

French Vanilla by Fernweh Agro is a silky addicting combination that unfurls into a
scrumptious heart of nutty tonalities, combined beautifully with velvety, creamy subtleties of vanilla, leaving you yearning for more.

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