About Oolong Tea Bags

At Fernweh Agro, we offer various flavours of Oolong tea, including pineapple and Alphonso burst. Buy the optimum oolong tea online at our site to unroll its remarkable characteristics.


Steeping Notes:

To get the best possible flavour, here are some tips on brewing oolong tea:

  • While brewing, use the loose leaves compared to tea bags for the rich flavour. There are many varieties of oolong tea, so the quantity to be used varies.
  • For every 180 ml of water, the usual amount is 2-3 grams or a pyramid of a teaspoon of loose leaves.
  • First, heat the water to a temperature of 180-200℉ (just a little below the boiling point). Use spring water to keep up the rich taste.
  • The temperature is suitable as it keeps the aromatic properties of the tea intent.
  • Before steeping, rinse the tea leaves. Then, pour hot water over them.
  • The steeping time for oolong tea is usually 3-5 minutes depending on the concentration you like. However, do not over brew it as it can lead to a bitter taste.

Recommended intake: Not more than 4 cups a day.

Calorie content: 2-3 calories for every 8-ounce cup.

Caffeine content: 10-60 mg for an 8-ounce cup, falling between green tea and black tea.

Oolong Tea Bags

Oolong Tea Bags

Oolong tea is an artisan masterpiece of the Asian Darjeeling and Assam tea. It falls somewhere between green and black tea and undergoes partial oxidation. Its colour may vary from green to brown. Preparation of oolong tea will also vary depending on its type.

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