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Assorted Black Tea Collection

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Contains 5 Tea Varieties : Rose Delight Tea, Maghrebi Mint Tea, Peruvian Dark Chocolate Tea, Indie Assorted Blend Tea, Masala Chai

The romantics of robust teas can now fulfil their thirst on the Black Tea Collection, which Fernweh Agro presents solely to gratify the lovers of strong, full-bodied beverages. The collection reflects the classic characters of Assam and Darjeeling teas.

Putting a bubbly twist on traditional black teas with well-matched ingredients, this convention of healthy teas serves as a source of healthy nutrition. Consume it straight off the packet or garnish it with personal flare to further elevate the flavor!

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Why Black Tea Collection?

Black tea helps in reducing the threats of health discomforts due to the high antioxidants content among other nutrients. A regular intake of black tea may lead to an improvement of gut health, reduction of blood pressure & risks of cancer, lowering of bad cholesterol, and more.

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Assorted Black Tea Collection brew guide | Fernweh Agro
Best collection of assorted black teas from premium indian tea estate by Fernweh Agro | Buy Black Tea Collection Online at Fernweh Agro Online Tea Store
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