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Our Story

Fernweh Agro was established in 2018 with an inspiration from the German word ‘fernweh’, depicting a longing for distant places. We believe there is an adventure in every cup! Going to the farthest ends and corners of the earth, our team has captured the essence of the most exotic places a grand vision of making every cup of tea a testament of nature‘s wonder. Channeling our passion into celebrating the art of healthful living is why we dedicate our existence to sourcing out the most exotic teas for every tea lover around the world which are presented in our diverse collection of Tea blends. Ensuing this inspiration, Fernweh Agro’s product offering has now extended to instant coffee and personal care products.

Our Mission

Fernweh Agro is a dream which envisions to create a synthesis between progression and environmental sustainability. With focus on innovation and development of natural products with new preservation methods, along with, our endeavours to integrate the small farmers with the agro value chain. We ensure that we bring all the authentic organically grown agro produce in the marketing net and create a niche market for them both domestic and internationally.

Our Vision

Our passion for tea comes from our earnest desire for healthy living. We aspire to give the world the best of our love; our Fernweh Teas.' Fernweh Agro envisions to encourage the wellness of the body & mind not only as medical awareness but to practice it as a personal responsibility religiously. With our creative team and innovative means like freeze-drying technology and eco-friendly practices creatively offers ethically sourced no-sugar-needed tea by using whole fruits as ingredients.


Everyone deserves to discover their perfect cup of Tea! And that is why Fernweh Agro is committed to serving the best Tea with blooming tea blends are distinct and every single one of them is dynamic in their own way. Our tea collections have distinct soothing aromas and a prime touch with soothingly pleasant taste. Fernweh only wishes the best tea experience for you! 

At the heart of Fernweh collection, there is an imprint of ‘enthralling travel’ to various destinations. Fernweh Agro channels the sensations of fascinating adventures through an orchestra of 50+ unique flavours of tea. Each flavour infusion is crafted with the idea of taking the consumer on a musical journey to different parts of the world. Fernweh Agro, through its name, aims to allow the drinker to conquer the delicacy of flavours of the world right where they are.

After the successful launch of the Fernweh Teas, we focused on developing a product range for coffee lovers. Fernweh Coffees were developed with a range of pure Indian Coffees with careful blend of arabica & robusta beans, Fernweh Coffees are available in retail and online marketplaces under three product range King’s Classic instant coffee (spray dried), Fernweh Agro Originals Instant Coffee (agglomerated) and Aventure Gold instant coffee (freeze dried). We, at Fernweh Agro, aim to offer pure Indian coffee products in Indian market and overseas as well.


After the successful launch of Fernweh Teas and Fernweh Coffees, we focused on developing the personal care segment by the name Trouvaille. Trouvaille is a French word which means to discover, find or invention. We intend to help every woman to find their beauty and own it up with pride. We do not promote fairness of skin as we believe every woman is beautiful in her own way. We help navigate her journey to find her glow and radiance. The products are manufactured harnessing the cleansing and skin glowing properties of fruits and herbs.

The skin needs tender care, it conveys the first speech about our entire personality. So, we take due care to choose right doses of vitamins n minerals found naturally for supplementing skin with its requirements for staying healthy and young. We see trouvaille personal care products becoming definition of every confident and independent women who glows and radiates in her own beauty.

Trouvaille is dedicated the entire womanhood. It is a celebration of the womanhood.

Behind The Scenes


Fernweh Agro team strives on delivering the same delightful experience and cosmic aroma in every product. We do not compromise when it comes to your well-being. We love our customers and values their needs and demands. We respect our customers’ input religiously and create new blends and tastes for customer-specific satisfaction. Fernweh serves the best of best and nothing less!


Fret not; we hate petrochemicals too! Fernweh Agro uses zero plastic in our packaging and our packaging is completely biodegradable. Passionate and adventurous but always love for Mother Nature first!


All raw materials used in production at Fernweh are ethically sourced from around the world. We support small farmers and applaud their efforts to make an honest living through the harmony of cultivation.


Fernweh Agro was incepted with a diverse team of passionate people, with an ideology to fulfil our social and environment responsibility. With a talented team comprising 80% female professionals, we dedicated Organic Rose Green Tea for celebration of womanhood, to manifest diversity of roles rendered by women in professional and personal sphere. With -45 Degree Blue Tea and Bleu Amor we try to bring attention towards rising global warming and ocean pollution. We believe in changing perspectives one cup at a time!

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