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Assorted Floral Tea Collection

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Contains 5 Tea Varieties : Chiang Mai Blue Tea, Chamomile Green Tea, Rose Green Tea, Lavender Green Tea, Jasmine Green Tea

A selection of floral teas bringing out the inner glow and beauty. Each of these teas profiles a blushing image of flowers, representing the flavor of the tea. These healthy teas are perfect for individuals who always wished they could live in the blooming embrace of flower gardens.

The blossomy floral tea collection promotes not just inner beauty but a healthy lifestyle as well. Infusions made of natural ingredients; they are sweet treats that are an absolute essential for daily awakening. Assorted Floral Tea Collection from Fernweh Agro comes in paper cartons with a white background on which lies informative details including dreamy floral illustrations. Further, there are also illustrations of the brand's name and the flavor of the tea in a horizontal fashion.

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Why Assorted Floral Collection?

A cup of floral tea contains many health benefits. Floral teas are delicious, and popularly consumed to relieve stress and lighten anxiety. They are also known to strengthen the immunity system, help reduce the extra fats, and refresh the mind.

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